Highway by Lexi Jordan (formerly Lexi Zarozny)
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September 2016, was the first time Lexi Jordan stepped onto a stage. From signing CD's with an Expo marker at ten years old to performing at the Big E by the age of seventeen, Jordan's love for the stage and country music have only continued to grow. 

Growing up, Jordan always had a strong connection with music. Not just the catchy melodies, but the meaning behind the lyrics as well. She grew up listening to country music and became mesmerized by the stories told through the genre. She continued to discover those stories to help her cope through difficult times.


Through her early teenage years, Jordan consistently struggled with stage fright, whether it be a school presentation or performing in front of the family. In September 2016, after years of performance and vocal training, Jordan was presented with the opportunity to perform at the historical Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. She accepted the opportunity and allowed the moment, stage, and music to take her out of the reality she had known and place her into something larger. 


By her junior year of high school, Jordan released her debut single "Highway" on all popular streaming outlets. Within a year of the release, she had been featured on three of the biggest country radio stations in New England.


To date, Jordan has performed at Indian Ranch, "New England's Home of Country Music", and The Big E, the sixth largest fair in the nation. She has also received five Worcester Music Award Nominations and accepted the award for Female Vocalist of the Year by the New England Country Music Organization.


Jordan's goal is consistently inspiring children and adults to follow their dreams no matter how crazy, immense, or unreachable they may seem. She reminds herself every day that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and "a dream is only a dream until you put it to work".


Currently, Jordan balances her studies of digital marketing at Bryant University in Rhode Island with her music career and expansion of knowledge within the industry. She recently accepted the position of Digital Marketing and Sales Coordinator for Cloud 9 Development in Nashville, Tennessee. Jordan plans to make the move to Nashville within the next couple of years and begin pursuing her music career full time.

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